Tuesday 26th May. From Leedon Tor car park.

Starting from Leedon Tor a walk in a familiar area but with our leader showing us some unfamiliar sights.

Firstly across to the woods below Leather Tor and down to the leat.

Down the track leading to the remains of Leather Tor farm.

Just below the farm is this Fogou  - a small undergroud store.  This one is very narrow at the front but widens out further back.

Then on and down and around to this Adit - the entrance to a small mineworking area.  Just out of sight to the left is a barred gate.

Up to the open moor where a house has been made with bits of timber.  You can see two adults in the middle, children on the left and a dog on the right.

Next to this is their car!

Up again to this old wheel pit.  A huge wheel would have spun around here being driven but water brought in by a shoot going over the top of where I was standing.

Next it was over to Crazy Well Pool for a short break.....

...then up to Cramber Tor and the clouds started to lift.

Through the remains of an ancient settlement and over to....

....the aqueduct.

Along the leat to find the Indian's head which has been built into the side.

Then back to the cars.

With John, Bill, Jane, Roger and Terry.

Wednesday 20th May Around Gribbin Head

A bright sunny day with a cooling wind and ideal for a coastal walk.  Starting from Polkerris near Fowey in Cornwall.  A short walk from the car park to Polkerris to join th Coastal path.  An overwhelming smell of wild garlic and up the the lane.

High above me on the hedgerow Red Campion at its best.

Then down to Polridmouth

Looking back with Polruan in the distance.

Through the woods and up to...

Gribbin Tower.

Platt beach below.

Red Clover right on the edge of the cliff

Par sands in the distance.

Bluebells every where.

Looking back.

Lunch of course in Polkerris followed by a wander around Fowey.

Tuesday 19th May Okehampton Railway Station

Starting at Okehampton railway station - there is an active railway line going through the station to Meldon quarry but the railway station itself is only used when special trains are put on. The station is preserved in the manner of a railway station in a different age.

We followed the footpath out to where it goes under the railway line and the A30 and then turned right to follow the Tarka Trail alongside...

...the East Okement River....

 ....where the bluebells are currently at their best.

Soon we were on the open moor and headed up to Cleeve Tor (which is not marked on the OS map)

Due South and around to....

...Wathchet Hill Cottage - which has seen better days.

On to the Nine Maidens stone circle.

Down to Culver Steps. In the field opposite children were having fun grass boarding down the hill.

The boundary post near Culver Steps.

Across the moor to find a hollow out of the wind where we could have our picnic and then on to the Okehampton Military Camp.

Strange how we didn't notice the camouflage vehicles at first!

Back through more bluebell woods to the station.

With Terry and Jon

Tuesday 12th May Devon Great Consuls

Glorious sunshine for a gentle amble through the Blanchdown Wood and back through the disused mineworking.

The various mines in the area were named after family members of the mine owner.

A proper seat and table for our coffee break next to...

A small reservoir used to feed the mines and provide power to operate the machinery.

The main mine area and....

....the huge spoil tip contaminated with arsenic where nothing can grow even after 100 years.

At its peak over 1000 people were employed here.

Lunch in the Copper Penny at Chipshop.  The service was a little slow but the food was good.  With Pete, Cath, Terry, Roger, Jane and Linda.