Friday 29th April - High Willhayes

Starting from the car park by Meldon Reservoir. Bright sunshine and cool breeze.

Looking down the reservoir.

I decided to take a more direct route up to Yes Tor.

Looking towards High Willhayes from Yes Tor. Bright sunshine but with a very strong and cold wind.

From High Willhayes looking back to Yes Tor.

From Black Tor looking down the West Okement Valley.  Fur Tor ccentrally in the far distance.

From Longstone Hill across to Meldon quaries

Tuesday 26th April - Woolwell

Starting from the Lopes Arms in Roborough.

The sky was looking ominous...

...and then came in the snow, sleet and rain. Very cold too as we took the footpath through the houses.

Then the sun came out and soon we were on the track going down through West Wood.

The sunshine didn't last, it started raining again as we got to the viaduct at the bottom of the valley.

A scramble up the steep slope and on to the cycleway and then down again.... the River Plym

The National Trust were dismembering a fallen tree.

Looking back at the viaduct

We followed the river for a while to Bickleigh Bridge and.... the cycle path.

Then out through Darlake Woods to the dismantled tramway. Finally coming out on the main road by Woolwell roundabout.

....opposite the cottage with my initials on it.  This is called Boundary Cottage because it marks the boundary of Plymouth.

Lunch in the very busy Lopes Arms. With Charlie, Anne, Brenda, Stella, Jane and Jon

Tuesday 12th April - Cramber Pool

A glorious morning with a hint of summer about it. Up the track from Norsworthy Bridge and soon people were removing layers. Out on to the open moor.

Looking back to Burrator reservoir.

Over to Crazywell Cross.

Almost next to it is Crazywell Pool.

Over the leat....

...and up to Cramber Tor

Up a bit more and on to Cramber Pool.  Of course the two dogs had to go in and came out rather smelly.  We stopped here for the coffee break.

Back down to the leat and over the track to Newlycombe Cross.

Then down to the river at the bottom of the valley.  Our leader had a intended to go up to the Stone Row near Combshead Tor but in the event decided that we would follow the valley back.

Lots of workings, boggy bits and.....

...gorse - Down Tor in the distance

Through the ruined Crazy Well Farm - but this lintel is still in place!

Finally back up to the track to return to the cars.

Lunch at the always busy Royal Oak where we sat outside in the sunshine.

With Tom, Ann, Brenda, Linda, Sue, Keith and Terry

Wednesday 6th April - Belstone

Just three of us set out from Belstone.  Through the village and up towards Belstone Tor. It was good to be doing a Wednesday evening walk again with some daylight.

The view across towards Yes Tor

Irishman's Wall in the foreground.

This is from Higher White Tor. 

The daylight slips away as we head on to Oke Tor.

A short coffee stop on Oke Tor before taking a direct and very steep route down to the valley below. Unfortunately we missed the track down, ended up in a rather wet bit before finding the main track out.

A very warm welcome in The Tors in Belstone which makes such a difference.

With Pete and Mike

Tuesday 5th April Swincombe Valley

Perfect conditions for our walk today which started from the Prince Hotel. Coincidentally this walk was to take us past several of the places mentioned in Jon Hayward's book 'Dartmoor 365'

We followed the track down past the Dartmoor Training Centre...

... over the bridge with this view down the West Dart River. Bellever Tor top left.

This little clapper bridge takes you over the stream known as Rue Lake.

Through this little lane....

...and we arrived the ruined farms at Swincombe

From here we headed up onto the open moor towards Royal Hill. Swailing has recently been taking place and evidence of it can be seen here. As you walk through it there is a strong smell of burning.

Soon we were heading down towards the very small reservoir at Swincombe. The smallest stone row on Dartmoor can be seen in the foreground..

... and here it is in more detail.

Down to the reservoir.

Where there was an old piece of a kayak, so of course, we had to do a framed group photo.

We followed the track downstream to 'fairy' bridge....

... where we stopped for our copy break. Just as we finished the local farmer joined us to give us a lecture.

Next a short detour to the remains of John Bishop's house.

Just across the valley is the remains of Dolly Trebble's house.

A little further down the valley are the remains of the Gobbet Mine

An adit at the Grobbet Mine.

Up through the timber mill at Sherberton....

... where there were these newly born calves

Soon we were back and this is a view of the Dartmoor Field Training Centre and the Prince Hall Hotel.

An excellent lunch was served at the hotel although some of us had to remove our muddy boots.

With Stella, Brenda, Viv, Ann, Linda, Charlie, Jon, and Terry